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Flame Controllers

The base of fuel burning technology
              1 kg of Furnace oil needs 15 kg of Air.
              1 kg of LPG Gas needs 29 kg of Air.

 Do we maintain this porportion in our daily operations.?
Less Air  leads to incomplete combustion emitting black
 smokes whereas excess air not only dilutes the flame but
 also heat up the stack wasting the fuel input.     

  Application : Oil / Gas Fired Furnaces

High / Low Automatic Flame Controllers

Salient Features
1. Increases the efficiency of the system.
2. Continuously monitors the furnace temperature.
3. Gradual Inching of firing rates increases the furnace life.
4. Quality production and Safe operation.
5. Auto control of fuel + Air ratio from min to max working
6. Avoids accident during manual settings in a hot accident zon

Automatic Flame Controllers comprises of a fuel control valve and an Air butterfly valve commonly linked and operated by a servometer under the command of a temperature controller resulting in Inch up / Inch down the firing output as per the heat demand of the appliance.
Oil Burner
  Pressure Jet Low Air Pressure
Gas Burner
  Monoblock Fully automatic Gas Burner
  Natural Draft Burner
  Furnace Firegas Burner
Dual Fuel
Centrifugal Blowers
  Forced Draught Blowers
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Fuel Oil Heating Pumping Filtering Unit

 Oil Heaters - Filters
Burner Control Systems
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