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Electric Steam Boilers

Electric boilers employs electricity as the heating media and comprises of insulated boiler vessel – SS heating elements – level controller – steam controller – feed pumps/solenoid – steam valves – safety valves – drain valves – electrical accessories – elegant enclosures and operating panel.

Salient Feature:
100% Efficient
NO [ Smoke – Exhaust – Fire – Burner – Dirt - Danger– Loss of energy– Operator]
Fully Automatic , Safe, Clean and Quiet Operation.
Strong & Rugged Construction – SS Pressure Vessel hydraulically tested for twice the
  operating steam pressure.
Steam vessel fully insulated to minimize heat loss.
Long Life Heating Elements- Industrial Grade heavy duty SS quality heating elements.
Low water Cut offs Heating , Automatic control of water in the vessel through level sensors.
Steam pressure controlled through Pressure/Temperature controller.
An elegant look and trolleyed powder coated enclosure makes it handy and
  attractive – Can be kept closed to working units
  Compact Size - Can be installed on floor,mezzanine,terrace/Small models can be hooked up.
  Inbuilt Control panel – contactors - terminations – level instruments for energizing heating
  elements and water controls are integrally mounted in the control unit.
  Available in various models from 3 kw-60 kw of heat output and 100 kg/hr of steam output.

Steam Baths
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Fuel Oil Heating Pumping Filtering Unit

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Sequence Controller &
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Heating & Drying System
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