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Furnace Burner [ FIRE GAS]

FIREGAS Burner are used on almost any kind of industrial furnace, ovens, air heaters, klins, etc. FIREGAS is a nozzle mix burner which provides medium velocity flames with wide air/fuel ratio and turndown flexibility. FIREGAS Burner is made of cast iron bodies with gas connection to give steady and reliable proven performance. FIREGAS air tube are of Stainless steel material, for higher temperature application, it is Inconel. FIREGAS burner have an observation port in the back of gas connection and a provision for pilot and flame detector.
FIREGAS are also operated fully automatically with auto ignition system and FIRE-EYE sequence controller with Ionisation Rod/UV Cell as the flame supervisor.
FIREGAS also works as a High/Low/On/Off or PID controlled with the incorporation of flame controller.

Air-In Burner

Air-In Burner

 Air-In Burner

Air-In Series Gas Burner are simple and strong torch type burners employing forced air through air compressor or forced draft blower alongwith low gas pressure.The burner head has a cast iron construction and comes alongwith air injector assembly, gas intake nozzle rod and air/gas control valves.The strong centre blue luminious and high intensity flame makes it a versatile for various applications.Be it a gold melting application or a aluminium billet heating furnace or tank heating it has proved the performance.The gas consumption is very low and ranges from 0.5 kg to 2 kg/hr.
Photograph shown above displays the burner working on forced air wherein a flame length of approx 1.5-2 ft is achieved.

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